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I was 12 years old, at that time I started knowing about the computer and its maintenance at my neighbors home i.e in my 7th standard. I was alone to learn about it but my journey started with all the problems and errors. Aunt use to support me that you can resolve them by your own when you start learn about them.

Later on my father bought the new Computer for me on 5th April, 2011 after my birthday. But still it was a surprise gift for me forever. When it was in my home, I knew everything about it on how to Boot, Repair and Maintain it.

When I was in B Tech 2nd year (20 years old), i started knowing about blogging. Have done a small research about blogging and the platforms that are present for free and paid. I start creating a blog by updating all the latest Movie links and Songs. The site was called to

In the very next month I started a new blog called HDPicz to make you view High Defination(another blog) pics. Later got irritated on myself that am I doing all the waste things and then i decided to create a perfect blog and content that would be helpful for the people. My last blog was that loads little slow but after that it is so much fast, in this website you can see the HD images in different categories.

At last I created this blog Teckop (Current), first i thought posting the articles is easy by copying from the other website and pasting them on my blog. Then i got to know about Google Adsense from the popular blogs like MBT and ETechniques. I have applied to adsense with a limited articles in my blog which were copied and disapproved many times with some or the other issue.

I was in B Tech 3rd year, I decided to create a perfect blog with all the own customization's and original content. I hope now you all can see my blog with all the latest information and a clean template and optimized.

Today I bought a new domain for my blog as Coming Soon). I am going to publish this domain by tomorrow i.e on 23rd Sept 2013, which is an unforgettable day in my life that is my sister`s birthday but she is no more in this world :(

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  1. Great yaar.... I like your story to blogging! I think I am also in same state of situation as yours, now I am in SYBCS.
    I visit your blog almost daily! I like all of your posts and is waiting for more interesting stuff!!

    I have some questions.. can you answer them./??

    I am blogger, but not a pro, I am currently not earning from blog..
    how much you earning now monthly??
    Have you ever received your payment yet??
    If yes..How much is it??

    Have you completed B.Tech??
    What is your future plan??

    It's Me On:

    1. Thanks for the comment... Its better to tell you in detail and discuss over my email:


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