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The Best Ever Media Player For Windows And Mac
5K is a new style media player that gives you a new way to enjoy yourself! 5K is a mixture of Music, Video, Radio, AirPlay media streamer and online Video Downloader.

5K can do more things than what you need from a media player,
  1. Download and play 1080p, 4K, 5K, MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC format videos and audios from 300+ online video audio sites and DVDs.
  2. Have built-in AirPlay sender and receiver to stream your audio or video from Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or iPod on Windows or Mac OS.
  3. Rejoice your sense by playing Music and Videos from your media library.
  4. It renders refined playback of all Video Formats with multiple Subtitle tracks and Soundtracks. YouTube videos, HD Camcorder, Blu-ray videos and Satellite Radio impressively.
You can download the 5K media player from the official website. Once you install the software you can add the videos, music into your media library with '+' sign and browse the location of the folder where you have stored.

To arrange the songs order click on Grid view icon, which is on the right side of the search bar. You can customize the media player just by pressing 'F2' from the keyboard to change settings for Storage Location, AirPlay service, Video Downloader, and Subtitles.

On personal testing, we have found that the player can easily handle the best sound on every audio and video we played on highs, mids and lows.
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Get OnePlus Loop VR Headset For Re 1 On Amazon
Similar to the launch of OnePlus2, the company is unveiling its upcoming smartphone in a different way from all the other manufacturers by using Loop VR headset.

Amazon has dedicated a page that let users register for the VR launch of OnePlus3 with Loop VR headset in India on 3rd and 7th June at 12 PM. And don't worry! You can get the futuristic VR headset for Re 1 but includes shipping charges.

OnePlus says

Loop VR headset converts your phone screen into a private 360-degree 3D theater, and there is no disposable cardboard here. For a distortion-free view, lenses can be fine-tuned for a perfect focus with provided adjustable straps and snug inner-padding. The Loop VR headset will comfortably sit on your glasses so that everyone can join the party.

How to participate in App only Sale?

  1. Users have to go on to registration process via App. Desktop or Mobile.
  2. Visit app on 3rd and 7th June at 12 pm by logging in to your Amazon account.
  3. Add the Loop VR headset to your Amazon cart when the sale starts and you need to check out the product within 15 minutes.
  4. In case if the product gets sold out, don't worry you can join the wishlist.
  5. If any buyer fails to complete the order in the given time then you will be waitlisted, and will get a pop-up notification alert when it is available.

Can I order two or more devices?

No, only one device is permitted per customer.
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Now WhatsApp Your Money With FreeCharge
FreeCharge is the first Indian e-commerce website while allows users to send or request money via WhatsApp. The company is growing its users day-by-day with coupon reward system where users can use the coupon and get the cashback when ever you do a transaction or recharge.

Freecharge announced this feature on their official blog stating
If you're in a state of shock and surprise both at once, don't be. As we are taking our new 'Chat-n-Pay' feature to the next level by introducing 'FreeCharge on WhatsApp' option. This feature allows users to WhatsApp money with FreeCharge to any of your contacts.
Users can download and install the latest version of FreeCharge app to make use of this feature. Users need to open app menu and tap on FreeCharge on WhatsApp option. Now the app will ask permission to enable the accessibility feature then you can open WhatsApp and type amount as Ex: 100FC. Then choose your options like send or request money or recharge. And you're done!

In the last FreeCharge adds our FreeCharge or Chat-n-pay app is not affiliated with WhatsApp or any of its brand.
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Twitter Soon Lets You Express More In 140 Characters
Twitter has got millions of users who regularly tweet and retweet with the present limit of 140 characters. But now Twitter is planning to add some exceptions in tweets to make you express more.

Twitter posted about this information on their official blog, that it has taken this into consideration on how users use Twitter and the changes will be made applicable for all users in coming months. So for instance @names in replies and media attachments like photos, GIFs, videos and polls will no longer use 140-characters.

This change will soon be updated on replies, media attachments, conventions, retweet and quote tweet of yours, Twitter has made an announcement in advance because they want to update users and developers that everything should work fine after rollout. The changes once rolled out will be part of Twitter API, so developers who are working will also be able to incorporate the changes.

You can't enjoy working with the new updated feature on Twitter, only if you have an account. So it's time for you to open a Twitter user and socializing yourself to the world.
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Blips Lenses To Convert Your Phone Camera Into Digital Microscope
Blips lenses are the world's first thinnest and lightest microscopic objects that turn your phone camera into a digital microscope. Blips lenses were developed by IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) and powered by SMO (SmartMicroOptics) to convert any device into a digital microscope in seconds with the help of 2 affordable mini lenses.

Blips can be used easily used for technical investigations or just for fun. It allows you to take high definition images with an optical magnification of about 10 times and can be used by photographers to take high-quality macro images.

Blips lenses thickness is only 0.5 mm (Macro) and 0.5 mm (Micro) and very much affordable for all budgets. The lenses are so slim that you can easily fit them in your pocket or wallet without having a worry of losing them.

These lenses are of high resolution to distinguish details which are less than 4 microns and are repositionable and reusable to stick them on your phone touch screen again and again. They are highly adjustable and can cut the film in desired shape you prefer, the lenses can easily stick on the glass when it is clean.

Blips lenses are easy to clean as they are dust free and non-sticky on top surfaces. They are super compatible and works on all the models of phones and tablets.

You can download the dedicated app to implement new features which is available to download for free on Official Website and you can also pre-order the Blips lenses on Kickstarter.
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MathPix App Can Solve Your Handwritten Equations On iOS
MathPix is the world's first technology app that can read pictures and solve the handwritten math equations. Just simply take a photo, crop the equation and you get the solution instantly with plots and procedure followed.

Mathpix can get the accurate plots and solutions for the equations which are taken snapped by the camera. Mathpix has support for algebraic equations, arithmetic fractions, derivatives, infinite series, integrals, logarithms, roots, and trigonometry.

Mathpix uses Desmos graphing calculator to provide best in class interactive graphing. Mathpix also shows you step-by-step solution tricks for the problems to guide you solve the equations providing simple and effectively instructions.

With Mathpix app, you can get the solution with graphing and in solver section, you can see the question as input and answer as a result. The in the bottom you can see derivative steps followed with alternative forms to let you know how the problem got solved.

Mathpix team is planning to release support for algebra, matrices and multi-line equations soon in the next update where you can download the app from App Store.
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Xiaomi To Launch Its First Drone On May 25
Xiaomi is one of the fast-growing companies and has widened its base by launching few competitive smartphones in the market. Xiaomi is going to launch its first "MI Drone" on May 25, .

Xiaomi on its official forum says

May is a busy and hectic month for us as we have launched Mi Max along with MIUI 8 on 10th and you heard is right. We have launched Mi Box with Google as a partner in the USA, which is a 4K Android TV 6.0 powered set-top box to your home and includes rich content like Fandango NOW, Netflix, Sling TV, Vudu, YouTube  and more.

The teaser tells that the drone is going to launch by next week i.e on May 25 in the competitive market. But haven't revealed any about price and details, except a photo (above) that shows a single spider-like drone and the other is toy bamboo-copter.

The more details on MI Drone will be furnished in our blog on Wednesday once Xiaomi launches or makes any official statement about the product.
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Never Do These Mistakes With Your Password
The password protection system is the best way to secure the data online or offline. Created passwords make everything simple and secure but whenever we forget the password it says "password incorrect".

Well creating password is much easier but sometimes recovering makes a serious matter. Password may often the only thing standing between a snoop and your information or money. So we should never do any of these mistakes while creating or after creating a password.

Now we are going to discuss on the most common mistakes you can make while creating or changing passwords. Below are the few simple ways to secure and keep track of all your passwords,

Regular Password Change

We do this normally every 1 month, 6 months or in a year as a practice. As per the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) research it was found that passwords need not be changed on a regular basis because it may lead to re-use of same old password or easy-to-guess password. This may help spammers to guess your password in seconds.

FTC tells that the passwords to be changing only when there is mandatory requirement or else if you have shared your password with somebody.

Short Password

In the past few years, creating a password of 6-8 characters was more than enough for securing the account on any computer. But now the olden computers have gone and latest advanced computers have come up with advance processing speed.

Now many of the online websites have changed the minimum password character count to 8, and beyond 10 or 12 characters are recommended the most.

Simple Password

Creating a 12 character password is not enough to maintain security, if the password is simple like "012345678910..." or "abcdefghijkl..." or dictionary keywords. Because these type of passwords can easily explore your account accessibility.

The strong password means "ABCxyz@!111213", which cannot to traced that much easy by spammers. The password must be a combination of random words or characters or numbers or special symbols.

Unique Password

Using a single unique password for all the accounts may tempt you to use the same for all the other accounts. If the spammers got hold of your password then they can easily breach all your accounts.

You need to create unique password for each account you have or else you have to change some characters or keywords or special symbols to secure your account.  

Writing down Password

Of course, remembering each password is not that much possible for everyone but writing the password in short can help really help you a lot.

Writing in short will never make somebody to understand that it's your account password or can crack.  If you think there might be any problem in writing, you can also store your passwords on some of the best and popular password managers.

Some websites let their users secure the account by giving an option of security question like "Who is your best friend from childhood?" and more. This can also help you to secure the account without being stolen by spammers.