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WhatsApp To Add Call Back, Voice Mail And Zip File Sharing Features Soon

- Saturday, April 30, 2016 No Comments
WhatsApp To Add Call Back, Voice Mail And Zip File Sharing Features Soon
Facebook's WhatsApp has added many features in the recent months and now planning to add Call Back, Voice Mail and Zip File Sharing features soon on the next version of their app on Android and iOS.

According to report by PhoneRadar,

This new feature lets users call back their friends without opening the app. The call back option will be shown on notification panel, along with missed call notification similar to our Smartphone.

WhatsApp also to bring the Voice Mail feature which allows users to record and send voicemails to their friends. This feature will show up only when the user is currently on a WhatsApp voice call.

The current version of WhatsApp supports users to share and receive Docs, Sheets, Slides and PDF files. With the new added Zip File Sharing feature it is going to allow users to exchange large files via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp team is working perfectly to build the app for every use of users. In the recent update it has introduced end-to-end encryption to all users to protect texts, images, videos and calls from interception and can be viewed only by the intended recipient.

Now Use FreeCharge Account To Pay At Cafe Coffee Day Outlet

- Thursday, April 28, 2016 No Comments
Now Use FreeCharge Account To Pay At Cafe Coffee Day Outlet
Cafe Coffee Day Outlet has around 1,420 outlets in 187 cities which serve the best coffee to their customers. On Thursday, CCD has announced its partnership with FreeCharge which enables customers to pay their bills using cashless payments method.

FreeCharge CEO, Govind Rajan said
With CCD, we will enlarge our business to include new users and expand our wallet to 187 cities including small towns.
There are many other wallets like Paytm, MobiKwik has partnered with CCD for the offline payment system. This payment system is going to upgrade users to pay their bills without losing the money on the way.

Earlier FreeCharge had partnered with McDonald's to enable customers to pay their bills using offline payment system from their FreeCharge wallet. Using this method, users can get cashback and discounts while paying bills.

You can download FreeCharge app with our promo code - RR6B4E4 from Google Play store which is available for free.

How to use FreeCharge app for paying your bills:

  1. Now open the FreeCharge app on your Smartphone.
  2. Log in to your account by completing the registration process.
  3. Load the balance from your Bank account to pay the bill.
  4. The tap on Pay Merchant on the app which will generate On TheGo Pin.
  5. Tell the CCD executive that you want to pay the bill using the FreeCharge account.
  6. Then he/she will ask you to enter the mobile number.
  7. Now you need to enter the generated 4-digit pin before the timer finishes paying your bill.
  8. Finally, you shall receive an SMS on registered mobile number after the successful transaction in few seconds.
FreeCharge also allows you to pay Mobile, Electricity, DTH, Metro, Datacard, Gas and Landline. Do not forget to check for discount offers on the homepage before paying the bills.

YouTube App Gets Better Recommendations For Android And iOS

- Wednesday, April 27, 2016 No Comments
YouTube App Gets Better Recommendations For Android And iOS
YouTube has improved its app home feed design with better recommendations for Android and iOS devices. The developer team also added bumper ads for short YouTube videos.

Till now users saw a similar home feed design on Android and iOS app same as desktop home feed design. However, after update users can see better-recommended videos and author images with small text title and style on YouTube app's home feed design.

YouTube says
The app is now showing better recommendations to app users and the recommended engine takes into account with several new factors such as user location, history, device type, and account. Our developers are also working on deep neural technology to make better recommendations after users watch a video.
The new recommendations system is based on deep neural network technology which can find patterns automatically and keep learning as it goes. Meanwhile, the app also got 'Bumper ads updated on YouTube app. A Bumper ad is a 6-second advertisement that would run before playing a video, but cannot be skipped.

Hoverboard Turned Into Hoverboard Cart By BoatsToGo

- Tuesday, April 26, 2016 No Comments
Hoverboard Turned Into Hoverboard Cart By BoatsToGo
BoatsToGo made a new invention that makes a hoverboard safer to travel and carry light-weight luggage. This mini-vehicle looks like a go-kart but easier to ride, and named as "Hoverboard Cart".

The Hoverboard Cart can be used to travel small distances, beaches and moving luggage like a travel bags ice cooler box and etc.

Benefits of Hoverboard Cart:

Simple to set up

The Hoverboard Cart is attached to a lightweight aluminum frame and tires that fit easily in the car trunk. When you want to use it you can attach it to the bar in the center of the hoverboard with a special clamp. You can also customize the mini-vehicle with the gadgets like GPS, Mirror and etc.,


Attach your favorite chair to the frame and start to go for a ride or get relaxed. If you don't have a chair to fix you can keep a box on the frame with the same size to sit and ride.

Easy to ride

Control the mini-vehicle with Hoverboard and navigate using your feet, it can even go reverse. The Hoverboard Cart can be used to ride on grass, road and sand.


The 4-wheeled Hoverboard Cart can use to transport bags, boxes and it can even pull a kayak down to the beach.

This new invention helps to not to carry ever again and can to used to transport small places depending on battery capacity. Safer to use and no more falling down while riding inside or outside your home - sitting is safer than standing.

You can buy the sitting attachment for hoverboard on the Official Website which is being sold at $69.00 price with additional shipping charges of $15.00 by FedEx Ground courier service. We are on waiting list now; you need to register so that you will be on waiting list and get notified by email whenever the attachment (chosen color) is available for delivery.

Note that the attachment doesn't contain hoverboard, and you need to have to buy it from online to use this Hoverboard Cart.

Microsoft's Word Flow iOS Keyboard For One-Handed Typing

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Microsoft's Word Flow iOS Keyboard For One-Handed Typing
Recently Microsoft has launched a Hub keyboard app for iOS and now has released a new Word Flow app for iOS. Similar to the Windows phone keyboard users can type fast and swipe the keys.

Word Flow also suggests you the next word in your sentence. With access provided to contacts, it can also predict the names of your contacts to make you go even faster while typing. World Flow is optimized for iOS and supports English language only.

The app is using Arc mode for One-Handed typing which can help users to stop dropping their phone while using on one hand. Users can use the keyboard by swiping in semi-circle shape or by typing so that you don't need to stretch your thumb to type something.

If you really wish to personalize the keyboard, you can choose different colors and add an image on the background of the keyboard. This could surprise you and your friends and make them use the same style app on their Smartphone.

The app is available for free on iTunes and size of the app is around 70 MB. The size could be a burden for users who are running 2G on their Smartphone, it's better you download the app using Wi-Fi (if you have a connection).

Facebook Updates Android App With Hindi Transliteration Feature

- Monday, April 25, 2016 No Comments
Facebook Updates Android App With Hindi Transliteration Feature
Facebook has updated a new Hindi transliteration feature on its Android app for Indian users. This feature lets users post comments and messages in Hindi using English Keyboard.

The new version of Facebook app has got this feature updated, users can see onscreen keyboard icon while updating status or writing a comment. You need to click on the small keyboard icon that will let you type any word in English, Hindi or any other language in the English (Roman) script, and can convert it into the Devanagari script before publishing.

Facebook says
When people use this, we can take the characters typed in English and suggests similar characters of Devanagari. The new option will also remember the suggestions made. We just started the rollout of this feature to users and working to improve the stability. If we don't get the right Devanagari characters, there is an option for you to type them in yourself.
There are two main reasons why Facebook has updated this feature. First of all, most of the smartphones do not come with multilingual input feature. And the second, users have to search and download the 3rd party keyboards apps that could convert the text before publishing on a Facebook post, making it difficult for users.

The updated Facebook app is available on Google Play to install on your Smartphone. This feature would be much useful for those who don't feel comfortable typing in Hindi.

First-Ever Google Play Awards Are Coming To Google I/O

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First-Ever Google Play Awards Are Coming To Google I/O
Google Play has got tremendous growth in reaching every Smartphone user in the world. Google has first time ever announced that it has select five nominees across 10 award categories and features them on Google Play.

Google on a blog post,
As a way to recognize our incredible developer community and highlight some of the best apps and games, we are kicking off our first-ever Google Play Awards.
Nominees are selected by a panel of experts on Google Play team based on criteria emphasized with app quality, innovation, and having a launch of major update in the past 12 months. The winners of each category will be announced on May 19, 2017 at Google I/O.

The full list of categories are listed below

  1. Best App
  2. Best Families App
  3. Best Game
  4. Best use of Material Design
  5. Best use of Google Play game services
  6. Early Adopter
  7. Go Global
  8. Most Innovative 
  9. Standout Startup
  10. Standout Indie

and for more details about nominees you can checkout Google's official android developers blog. Hope you all install and experience the selected apps or games on your favorite smartphone.

Smartbro Range App Detects Call Drop And Alerts You In Advance

- Sunday, April 24, 2016 No Comments
Smartbro Range App Detects Call Drop And Alerts You In Advance
Smartbro Range app can be used to detect the Call Drop before going for a call. This app detects the Call Drops and alerts you in advance also gives you the % of dropped calls in a day and week.

Smartbro - Call Drop alert app is available for free to android users. Once the user installs and opens the app it will ask permission for accessibility to get required details. After providing you can see the Call Drop % details from your telecom providers Today, Yesterday and in the Last 7 days.

The Smartbro Range will display Call Drop details on the app after next Call Drop, till then it cannot detect any Call Drop. The normal Call Drop range to be considered as 2 %, if you can experience more you can contact your mobile service provider regarding the issue.

Apart from Call Drop alert app, Smartbro Optinno also launches another intelligent app called "Prepaid Bill Tracker" - that can detect your mobile balance and data once you give the permission for accessibility. It will show live balance directly on the Dial Pad when you are going to call someone.

This app also gives you a postpaid like detail bill on every single rupee you spent on Call, SMS, and Data. It will also alert you when the data pack is expiring in 3 hours. Surprisingly no internet data is required to use this app on your Smartphone.


Call Drop % will be calculated on No. of dropped calls to the total incoming and outgoing calls from that network. In this, you can check the % of Call Drop on your telecom network provider.